SEO Tips from Seattle Washington

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of arranging information on a website or webpage to enhance the user experience. This is measured in a variety of ways by the search engines themselves. No one knows exactly what algorithms the search engines use, so proper optimization factors are tested in the online marketing community over several different industries in several different niches. After some time, there have been a lot of factors pointed out that definitely affect a website's ranking and on this site, you'll find the best SEO tips.

Why Seattle, WA?

The biggest and best SEO companies are located in Seattle, Washington. There are several group meetups spread throughout the city where internet marketers, advertising agencies, marketing consultants, and search engine optimization experts gather to trade notes and refer business. No one can specialize in everything, so Seattle, Washington makes a great centralized hub where the greatest minds in the industry can come together and form a mastermind group.

How Long Does SEO Take?

Every industry and niche is different and there are different levels of competition in every vertical. For instance, ranking a website through proper SEO techniques could catapult a business to the first page of the search engines within a month if there is little to no competition. However, tougher keywords are going to take a lot longer to rank for. There isn't an SEO company in Seattle, or anywhere else for that matter, that can guarantee first page rankings in less than six months for a highly competitive term. The short answer is, it depends.

Can I Learn SEO?

Anyone can ABSOLUTELY learn SEO. It's really not that complicated. The problem is that most people give up before they have even given themselves a chance to succeed. It's just like anything I suppose. Most people quit anything in which they don't see immediate results. Search engine optimization is the opposite of immediate results. Often times, what you do today with your website won't affect its ranking in the search engines for thirty to sixty days. Some terms, of course, take a lot longer.

SEO Seattle Washington

Basic On-Page SEO Principles

To truly understand what the search engines are looking for, you have to understand basic organization principles. Just like when you were writing a term paper in school, your thoughts have to be clearly defined and organized in such a way that the reader can understand the work as a whole, and also be able to find specific sections to refer to later. SEO works in the exact same way. For more information on SEO in Seattle specifically, go to Force Boost as they are the authority in the industry. I also highly suggest you check out Moz's list of on-page SEO factors after reading this page.

Keyword Density

After you have picked out a topic for your website or article that you intend to rank in the search engines through proper optimization techniques, you have to figure out what content to actually put on the page. This can be tricky if you over-think it. Just write valuable information that people are looking for regarding your industry or niche. For instance, if you are a plumber in Seattle, Washington, you might try writing about household acquaintance tips that could save you money in the long run. I almost guarantee that people are searching for that somewhere. After you have written out an article (roughly 700 - 1000 words), use the Ctrl & F to find the number of occurrences of your keyword. It shouldn't be any higher than 2% for SEO purposes. Shooting for a keyword density of 1%-2% is ideal.

Images & Alt Tags

Unlike a like a paper that you wrote for a school project, be sure to include an image or two on your website. This increases the readers attention and will keep them interested in the rest of your content on your page. However, search engines can't see pictures. They only see code. Be sure to name your picture what it actually is on your hard drive before you upload it to whatever CMS platform you use. Then, be sure to add an Alt Tag so that the search engines know what it is as well as your readers who's internet connection might be too slow to load your images. Your alt tag serves as a place holder in that case.

Increase Your Site's SEO with Headings

Enhance your SEO efforts by using headings in the appropriate order on your page. For instance, SEO Seattle Washington is an H1 tag on this site. It is then followed with an H2 tag of SEO Blog from Seattle, Washington. There are four H3 tags regarding search engine optimization questions. The blue headings you are seeing now are H4 tags. You see how that works? The headings on your page help readers understand the content that they are about to read. They serve as little "mini titles" that search engines love. Again, we're shooting for both increased user experience AND notification to the search engines for what our website is actually pertaining.

Throughout the pages of this blog, you'll find many tips for search engine optimization including gaining valuable backlinks and keyword research ideas strategies. This is the only website you'll ever need for proper SEO techniques.